I'm a London based cinematographer who has worked across film (16mm & 35mm) and digital in short fiction, documentary, fashion promos, commercials, and music videos in the UK and abroad. 

I trained on the MA Cinematography course at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield under the sponsorship of Channel 4. In 2015 I was awarded the CTBF John Brabourne Award for Emerging Talent sponsored by the British Cinema and Television Veterans (BCTV). Previous clients include Stink Films, Pulse Films, Partizan, Black Dog Films, Greatcoat Films, The Guardian, My Accomplice, Louis Vuitton, Tate, Nike, ASOS, Mulberry, Nowness, Dazed, and i-D, among others. My work has played at international film festivals, has been broadcast on BBC4, and has been shown on the main stage at the Glastonbury Festival. I am a member of Sporas - a collective for Black and POC cinematographers and crew, Women Behind The Camera, ICFC (International Collective of Female Cinematographers) and Illuminatrix Rising - a collective for up and coming female cinematographers.

I was born and brought up in London in a Congolese-Italian-Greek family, where the experience of being raised in a British environment through recounted Congolese memories that felt so alien and so much like home at the same time, colonial identity passed down by my grandparents, and a sense of not belonging in any one place drew me to visuals from an early age. Despite being born in London I grew up being told and feeling like I was a foreigner here; I never felt 'enough' of any one culture to feel comfortable in my identity. Visuals were my way of categorising these often disjointed feelings and emotions; memories were allowed to exist in their entirety and moments could be frozen in time without being questioned or remoulded in the way I would often question and try to remould my identity to try to fit in. As an adult, I lived in Tokyo for four years where even though I greatly enjoyed my experience there I again felt like I would ultimately never truly belong as I was always going to be a foreigner there, too. These themes of memory, disjointed emotion, "home"-lessness, nostalgia, and identity often present themselves in my work and some of my favourite projects to shoot are those that relate to these emotions in some way.

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Lewis Magazine  (March 2020)
Cinegirl (Mar 2021)

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